• DanielRainey.us

    Client Testimonial
    Daniel Rainey
    Having web developers who understand dispute resolution is a great advantage when planning and deploying a website. The look and functionality of my site really matched the needs of my business.
  • Jeff Aresty

    Client Testimonial
    Aresty International
    Working with the team at IBOi studio makes me look sharp; with technology changing every day, I'm fortunate to have the latest web tools at my fingertips. The graphics and links on my business cards give me an added edge in meetings - everyone stops me and comments on my business card!
  • Opal Advisory

    Client Testimonial
    Adam Berkowitz
    "IBOi Studio was unbelieveably easy to work with. Their communication was superb and they managed to deliver a top notch product on a short deadline. I would recommend them to anyone!"
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From imagery and color palette to language and punctuation, every way you communicate about your company creates explicit and implicit impressions. We can help to develop, communicate, and control the messages you convey to clients, connect to your client base effectively and motivate buyer and client loyalty.

Web Design

The Internet has connected us all, but it's not an even playing field. Small functionality differences can separate a top-of-the-line website from an average one. We offer web development, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and social media marketing services to improve your web presence and outreach opportunities.


As a leader in the application of technology to legal systems, IBO has published numerous articles, research papers, and books, designed surveys, and conducted market research to improve access to justice. Our skilled staff can research, tailor, and deliver the information you need to better understand your clients, a given market, or a product's reception.

Design & Photography

High-quality imagery, design and visual impact are an essential aspect of branding and standing out from the crowd. We work with clients to develop and understand their desired response to deliver effective and powerful digital and print solutions, including precision copywriting and editing.

Audio & Video

Webinars, Videos, Presentations and Brand Films. Little else is as effective as the evocative combination of an audio and visual experience. Whether a minute or an hour long, we can undertake the production you need to create an educational product, improve your brand, or bring attention to a product, service, or cause.


We offer advisory and planning services to assist with: technology adoption; product development; training and project implementation.

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Our Process

Research & Plan

The first stage of our process involves an in-depth client meeting where we evaluate your unique needs and create a detailed plan of action. We will also provide additional ideas and brainstorm with you on how best to advance your objectives.

Develop & Produce

Designing and developing your project is a multi-step process and we keep our clients involved and updated at every stage with regular reports and feedback meetings. We also do our best to present multiple options for our clients to better understand what they're looking for and where they want to go.

Launch & Support

Launching the product does not end our relationship with clients. We maintain contact with clients and analyze growth and adoption to ensure the best uptake of our designs and products.